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University of Louisville Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics Research at the University of Louisville

Research Projects

Below is a sampling of some of the ongoing bioinformatics research at the University of Louisville.

BDSM: Birth Defects Systems Manager

Amar Singh, Ken Knudsen, Tom Knudsen

rMotifGen: Random Motif Generator for Genomic Sequences

E.C Rouchka, C.T. Hardin

Multiple Primer Design

E. Rouchka, A. Khalyfa, N. Cooper

PRSM: Periodontal Research Systems Manager

Amar Singh, Ken Knudsen, Tom Knudsen

Web-Based Publication of Genetic Information for DNA-Based Animal Forensics in U.S. Livestock

Ted Kalbfleisch, Joe Morris, Nevine Eltonsy, Eric Rouchka

KBRIN Data Lab

Maha Soliman, Nigel Cooper

MiDaR: Microarray Database Resource

Eric C. Rouchka, Ravishrikanth Gundlapalli, Nigel G.F. Cooper

zebrafish repeats

Exact tandem repeats in the zebrafish genome

E.C. Rouchka


RBF-TSS: Identification of transcription start sites using radial basis functions

R.N. Mahdi and E.C. Rouchka

Detection of L1

Detection of Novel L1 Sequences in Next-Gen Sequencing Projects

T. Kalbfleisch, C.M. Gearheart and E.C. Rouchka

Bayesian Methods

Discovering Expression Patterns and Evolutionary Processes using Bayesian Methods

D. Li, P. Shafto and E.C. Rouchka


YMAGE: Federated Database Viewing System for High Resolution Biological Images

Y. Yachim, E. Saka and E.C. Rouchka

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