To earn the Doctor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Studies: Specialization in Bioinformatics, a student is required to successfully complete the following:

  • Core coursework in the focus application areas
  • Required coursework in the student's area of specialization
  • Elective courses in the student's area of specialization
  • Qualifying examination
  • Dissertation presentation and defense of dissertation
  • Good standing requires that the student maintain a minimum 3.0 grade point average.
  • Formal plan of study (View example)
  • Annual progress report
  • Research proposal

Upon successful completion of the written and oral portions of the qualifying examination, the examination committee will recommend acceptance into Ph.D. candidacy. Successful completion of the dissertation and its presentation and defense is established by the approval of the student's dissertation committee and the approval of the chair of the sponsoring department and the program chair.

Programs of Study

Course requirements for the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Degree Program in Bioinformatics consist of 16 core credit hours (that will be conditional based upon focus area) and 21 credit hours derived from a combination of required courses from a chosen focus area and electives from each of the three focus areas. Students with an appropriate background in the biomedical and natural sciences may petition to substitute a course in either the Computational Sciences or Mathematics and Statistics focus for the core course BIOC 545 Biochemistry I, and a corresponding course in either the Computational Sciences or Mathematics and Statistics for MBIO 667 Graduate Cell Biology, thus maintaining 16 core credit hours. Following acceptance into a focus area, students will be required to complete three courses totaling at least nine hours from the declared focus area. At least four additional elective courses (12 credit hours) will be selected from available elective courses, with the provision that two elective courses must be selected in each of the other two focus areas. The Program of Study will be determined by the student and approved by both an advisor residing in a declared focus area department and the Executive Committee. The following tables list the required courses for the core as well as the required and elective courses in each of the focus areas. Students must accumulate at least nine credit hours of dissertation