About me

I am a third year doctoral candidate in Bioinformatics and Biomedical research at Computer Engineering and Computer Science Department, University of Louisville , Louisville. My Ph. D. research is on development of a Systems-based framework for detecting and predicting molecular interactions across tissues. My Ph. D. advisor is Dr. Eric C. Rouchka .

I primarily deal with storage and analyses of high throughput biological data from microarray experiments and next-generation sequencing platforms. I am well versed with statistical and machine learning techniques and its application to high throughput data. I am passionate about developing new tools and efficient algorithms that help biologists and medical professionals in interpretation of high-throughput data.

Prior to joining this university, I taught undergraduate and graduate level Computer Engineering students at Jamia Miilia University, New Delhi(India) and Hamdard University, New Delhi. I completed my undergraduate (B. Tech.) degree from Aligarh Muslim University and graduate (M. Tech.) degree from Indraprastha University, New Delhi with Computer Science and Engineering as major at both level.


My research interest includes the following areas:
1. Microarray Data Analysis
2. Next-generation sequencing data analysis
3. Systems Biology
4. Biological pathway analysis
5. Statistical methods and machine learning and its applications.

In my research, the one thing that I explored the most is collaborations at different levels. Understanding the needs of collaborators who are from different areas are a big challenge and require to grasp the fundamentals of other areas as well as conveying your idea to your collaborators in precise, simple and effective way. I am learning all these things from my collaborators who are fron Anatomical science and Neurobiology Department at School of Medicine at University of Louisville

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Following are some of the projects that I did recently. A complete list with description can be found here:

1. Predictive data mining for contraceptive methods used by women of Indonesia. Software used: SAS
2. Descriptive data mining for Breast cancer data using SAS and WEKA.
3. Text mining approach for Ontology learning (M. Tech. Project)
4. Statistical analysis on unstructured text.
5. Automatic species Identification if Genome sequences are given (M. Tech. minor Project)
6. Software Quality Measuring tool (B. Tech. Project)


Courses Taught at Graduate and Postgraduate level:

1. Theory of Computation (Automata Theory)
2. Compiler Design
3. Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms
4. Data Structures
5. Advanced Algorithm and current trends in computing
6. Digital Logic and Computer Design
7. C Programming
8. Software Engineering
9. Database Management Systems
10. Computer Network.


Resume can be downloaded by clicking the following link:

Download (.pdf)
Download (.doc)


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